Took very little time

Took 2 bags of boonetown throwdown out at around 3:30 and by 6:51 I had pics of deer checking the pile and starting to eat it this deer h have never seen mineral off any kind very impressed


Immediate results

Our family enjoy seeing deer in our back yard, but we only noticed the occasional visits. The first time I threw down Boone Town Deer Mineral, seven deer were in out tree line. This product is outstanding.

Eric Flores


I’ve been using multiple different minerals and attractants my whole life with some success but this stuff is different. You would think it’s loaded with salt and sugar the way the deer eat it up. Not to mention the coon won’t run through it! Please do yourself a favor and buy just one bag of Boonetown. It won’t be your last!

James Mock

Change your camera settings

The night after I put this stuff out I had to go change my cell camera settings from 3 picture burst to single picture… I have used all the popular brands but nothing I have used so far brings in, and keeps deer on a pile like Boone Town…

Cory Hayden

So many pics!!

This stuff will blow your mind! I left my first review a while ago, and decided to leave another. My package renewed for my pictures and 2 days later I ran out of pictures. 500 pictures in 2 days!! Be prepared for tons of pictures and new batteries!!

Causta Lewis

Holy mass

This buck gained somewhere around 35 inches of antler in one year!! He had 8 inch bases! Couldn’t be happier.

Clint Delagrange

Great product

Coming from a hunter’s background I have had the opportunity to use many different kinds of minerals some being better then others but Boone town just simply did NOT disappoint me at all ! I highly recommend it !! The deer can’t resist

Michael Evans

Stock up.!

Tried lots of different stuff that never produced what was guaranteed. After 4 weeks of having to dump a bag a week I’ll be sticking with Boone.


Best Mineral EVER

Dumped a bag of BooneTown down and within 24 hours we had deer flocking in. They found it without it being close to any trails and have been there non stop since. This stuff is legit.

Hailey Fisher

This stuff is legit!

This stuff is legit! The deer love it! Put out a bag 3 days ago and have gotten around 200-250 pictures!

Causta Lewis

Excellent Product

If your looking for great food for your deer this is what you want! I have used it for about 2 months and the number of deer I used to see on cameras have doubled. They come in as a herd and devour this feed. I highly recommend this product.

Andrew Fisher

Totally Amazed!

I put out my first 25 pounds on a Tuesday afternoon at a location we had minerals the year before. They found it that night and by Thursday it was gone! The deer absolutely love this stuff!! I’m super excited to see what kind of antler growth we’ll get!

Jonas Troyer

Get ready to replace your camera batteries.

I have 8 cameras on my property and all were dead within a week and half!!! They typically last around 6 months! This stuff brings them in by the herd.

Buddy Funk