Robert King is a 65 year old hunter from the Tappan Lake area in Ohio. Here is the story of his biggest buck to date. In his words...

"I’ve been using the Boone Town Throw Down mineral since early this spring when I saw it being advertised on the Market place… I contacted Lonnie Graber and he met me at the Tappan Lake Marina. From the first day I put out the mineral I’ve been hooked and so have the deer.

Literally within hours of me putting it out I had deer to the site and they seem to know every time I do put it out. 

I keep a routine of putting it out every 3 days… I measure it out by pounds, I put 2 pounds out at a time plus I add 1 pound of whole corn. 

This buck I took this morning was not the buck I was looking for… I hadn’t seen this buck since last year. Last night I saw a buck chasing some does and knew I needed to be in the stand in the morning.

I really wasn’t sure what buck might walk by and I’m really glad this one did."

About the Author Jonas Troyer

Jonas Troyer is an avid hunter and fisher from Holmes County Ohio. He is also the owner of Troyer Websites and Unlimited Whitetail Hunting, where he and his boys have a hunting YouTube channel and a website for deer hunting-related products including Boonetown Deer Minerals.

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